Tennent’s lager will be the first alcohol product in the UK & Ireland to print clear calorie information on its cans and bottles.

From March this year, shoppers will easily be able to see the calorific content on the packaging of the popular lager.

Tennent's took to the streets of Glasgow for research, and asked how many calories they thought were in one can.

Guesses varied from 20 to 3000 calories.

However, in reality, one can of Tennent’s Lager only contains 152 calories.

As a comparison, a packet of ready salted crisps comes in at roughly 170 calories and 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream at 250.

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Alastair Campbell, Managing Director of Tennent Caledonian spoke about the decision to include clear nutritional information: “As a responsible producer of alcohol and proud owner of brands that are trusted and enjoyed by drinkers across Scotland, we wanted to further extend our commitment to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol. 

“We are introducing calorie information onto our cans and bottles to ensure people can make an informed decision.”

Tennent’s will extend the visibility of nutritional information on its brands to pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants by displaying this information on drip mats.