A big bright flash in the sky over Scotland has created a frenzy on social media and calls to the police.

People are reporting seeing a blue, white or green light, with some saying they also heard a rumbling sound.

Police in Aberdeen and Inverness say they have been receiving a large number of calls about flash over northern Scotland.

The Herald:

There is speculation it could have been a meteor burning up in the atmosphere or may have been a sonic boom.

Some reports suggested it may have been seen as far south as Edinburgh.

Highland councillor Ken Gowans said that he had witnessed the flash. “I was standing in my upstairs room on the phone, blethering away and the next thing there was this big flash. It was a fair size, and a light, greeny colour. “

“I phoned the police. They said they had received numerous reports of it. It was almost due south from where I am in Westhill. This thing was massive.”

Police were unable to say what was behind the incident, speculating that it may have been a natural phenomenon.

Jenni Morrison who posted video of the lights on her dashcam as she drove on the A944 heading towards Alford, outside Aberdeen said: I saw this on my way home. It lit up the sky like a light switch had gone on. Amazing."

A Police Scotland source said they were unable to ascertain what had happened.

A spokesman for the force said: "We've had reports of a very loud bang but we've been unable to establish what it is.

"Some people were saying their houses were shaking."

He said there had been no reports of aircraft in distress in the area from air traffic control.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said they began receiving calls at around 6.55pm on Monday evening.

She said: "One told us the sky had been lit up with an object like a fireball. Another caller said there was a very loud bang and others said the house shook.

"We know police in Inverness and in the south also received calls - it was seen by people across Scotland.

"We have checked and been told it was likely to be a meteor shower."

The bright white streak across the night sky sparked speculation on social media whether it was an astronomical event, military activity or, perhaps more far-fetched, linked to British astronaut Tim Peake.

Driving instructor Bill Addison, 57, said he was on his way to collect a student at around 6.45pm when he saw the sky turn an "electric blue".

He captured the dazzling moment on a dashboard camera, between the villages of Cullen and Arradoul in Scotland.

"I was driving along the road and there was a big flash in the sky that looked like a bright, electric blue spark," he said.

He added that the road had turned blue as the light came up behind him, making him think it was an explosion.

"I thought it was a plane coming down at first, but it was moving too fast," he said.

"It took up quite a big part of the sky and lasted a long time.

"I'm used to seeing funny things from spending so much time on the road, but I've never see anything like this."