FOUR of the top 10 least eurosceptic regions in Britain are in Scotland, a new poll has found.

And the only area of Scotland that may have eurosceptic leaning is Moray.

YouGov's eurosceptic map of Britain articulates graphically the growing north-south divide in attitudes to Europe.

Aberdeen is rated the second most europhile in a ranking of local authority areas, followed by Stirling in third place, West Dunbartonshire sixth and Edinburgh ninth. The county of Ceredigion in mid-Wales was first.


There were no Scots regions in the top ten 'most eurosceptic' with Havering, Peterborough and Bracknell Forest topping the list.

YouGov profiled over 80,000 adults across Britain to measure net support for leaving or remaining in the European Union.

David Cameron has said the European Union (EU) referendum debate will be a choice that divides "even families" as he continued his campaign against Brexit.

Speaking at a Downing Street reception to celebrate St David's Day, the Prime Minister said the unfettered access to the European single market was a compelling argument for Wales - and Britain - to stay in.

The  referendum on European Union membership will be held on June 23.