Scotland has just endured the wettest winter in the history books and now bookmakers have cut the odds on the coldest Easter ever.

Met Office statistics show an average of 756mm of rain fell across the country during December, January and February - the highest on records stretching back to 1910.

And now Easter is predicted to see temperatures drop to record lows - beating the -12.5C seen in the Scottish Highlands in 2013.

Bookmakers Ladbrokes have cut their odds to make it odds-on for the coldest Easter ever, with odds of 1/5 on snow falling over the four day holiday weekend.

Ladbrokes spokeswoman Jessica Bridge said: "The odds are falling as quick as the snow, and it looks like Easter Egg hunts will be replaced by snowball fights."

However, while Wales and England have weather warnings in place for snow and ice, Scotland looks set to warm up slightly by the end of this week.

Met Office forecaster John Mitchell said the coming week would see a "mixed bag" of weather across the country.

He said: "Monday is going to be a dry, bright day with plenty of sunshine across most of Scotland and temperatures reaching 6 or 7C.

"Tuesday will see a cloudier start with some light rain by things should dry up by the second half of the day, However, it will feel a bit colder.

"There will be rain overnight into Wednesday before brightening up, while Thursday will see more rain across the country.

"However, temperatures will begin to feel a bit milder on Thursday and Friday, reaching 8 or 9C.

"Overall, it's a bit of a topsy turvy week, but there's nothing too hazardous."

Mr Mitchell added that there is a chance that temperatures will drop over Easter but said it is too early to say for sure yet just how cold it will be.

Ladbrokes is also offering odds of 5/6 for March to be named a record breaking month for low temperatures, while odds of 5/1 are being offered for a new low temperature to be reached this month.

This would need to see the mercury drop to below -22.8C, which was seen in Aberdeenshire in March in 1958.