Jack and Emily topped the list of Scotland's most popular baby names for another year running. 

Jack was the top boys’ name for an eighth consecutive year, and Emily was the top girls’ name for the second year running according to the National Records of Scotland (NRS) who today published lists of all the first forenames that were given to babies whose births were registered in 2015.

Other boys' names in the top 10 include Oliver, James, Lewis, Alexander, Charlie, Logan, Lucas, Harris and Daniel.

Meanwhile, the girls' names who made the top 10 include Sophie, Olivia, Isla, Ava, Jessica, Amelia, Ella, Lucy and Lily. 

The lists of baby names supersede the “Top 100s” published on December 17 (which covered births registered in the first eleven months of 2015). The top names (Jack and Emily) have not changed. The other names in the two Top Tens are generally in the same order as published in December, with a few minor changes in the rankings.