Edinburgh University's beloved library cat, Jordan, has been reported missing.

The black and white cat, who spends a lot of his time on a turquoise chair in the university's library, was last seen on March 13.

The university and worried students have posted messages on social media asking for information about the missing moggy.

Louise Kruger posted: "Come back library cat! There's no way I can get through these final essays without you and your sassy face."

Natalia Sokolova posted: "I hope you've just found a girlfriend, Library cat, or hanging out with your mates. Do let us know you are OK, the last thing we need is to lose you."

Jordan, who was given a matriculation card by staff in 2014, is owned by friars at the university's Catholic Dominican chaplaincy.

He is a frequent visitor to George Square.

The university today confirmed that there have been a few sightings of Jordan but he has not yet been found.