PROTESTORS occupying Glasgow’s George Square have lodged an appeal against a 48-hour eviction notice issued by a Sheriff.

Around 19 tents have been erected outside the City Chambers in an apparent protest against homelessness.

Glasgow City Council was granted a decree at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Wednesday to evict the group within two days.

The council’s lawyer, Kenny McDonald, said that while individuals had the right to stage a protest they did not have the legal right to occupy a publicly owned space and Sheriff Gillian Bryson agreed.

However, the occupiers have lodged an appeal against Wednesday’s ruling.

Glasgow City Council said the eviction notice stands and any appeal will run concurrently. The 48-hour deadline will come into force tomorrow afternoon, when occupiers are expected to be served with the eviction papers by sheriff officers.

If they refuse to leave, the council said there would be a "step-by-step" process to remove the camp with police assistance.

A spokesman said: “The council has secured an eviction order against those currently occupying George Square without permission.

“We urge those occupying the square to observe this eviction order and quit the square as soon as possible.”

The camp claim they are providing a refuge for the city’s homeless and acting as a collection point for food.

However the council said most had refused “all assistance offered" and staff had been exposed to verbal abuse.

There has been some support for the protestors from the public.

Yvonne Reid Hutcheson posted on Facebook: “Why should they be shifted , they are raising awareness of the plight of homeless folk in Glasgow."

However Lynn Gwa Speirs said: “We should help our own but not like this.....these do gooders have just wasted tax payers money as it’s had to go to court.

“Money which could have been used to go towards helping homeless."

Sheriff Bryson said the protestors had not provided any defence for their occupation of one area of George Square.