Rangers fans are furious at Gogglebox after the show blurred out a 'Bridgeton Loyal' supporters mug belonging to the new Glasgow family on the programme.

Viewers were left annoyed when during the repeat of the show Channel 4 chiefs decided to scrub the logo from the cup.

Glasgow-based Bridgeton Loyal Rangers Supporters club hit out on Facebook: "You can tell the level of hate out there for us when a mug causes a stooshie."

They added: "It has absolutely nothing offensive on it.

"It's a copy of our 24ft x 24ft banner which we take to games and has been checked by Rangers officials and Police Scotland."

Charles and Donna Manuel set Twitter ablaze after their debut on the Channel 4 show, with users across the UK calling for subtitles to be added because of their Glasgow accents, claiming they “couldn’t understand a word” the family was saying.

However, when contacted by The Herald, Mrs Manuel joked “it’s nice that you can understand me”.

She added that she and her family have been banned by production company Studio Lambert from talking further.

On Twitter many people were left baffled by their accents.

One person wrote: “Not to be mean but I can’t understand anything.”

Messages came thick and fast, with another two reading: “Need subtitles for this new family” and: “I literally have no idea what that new family just said.”

Users continued: “Yikes! The new family on Gogglebox have very strong Glaswegian accents. Not the easiest to understand.”

“Watching #Gogglebox on catch up. OMG we’ve had to put subtitles on as we can’t understand the new family,” one viewer tweeted.

Two further posts read: “Gogglebox can’t understand a b****y word the new family has said,” and: “What language are new family talking?”

Translation issues notwithstanding, the new family has proved to be a hit on the show.