Domestic abusers who may pose a risk during the Old Firm match will be removed from their homes, police have confirmed.

Police Scotland said it will target serial offenders as part of a range of measures designed to ensure that increases in domestic violence seen during previous Old Firm matches is not repeated.

The Times reported that officers will target people who are awaiting trial for assault or who have been released on licence from prison with strict conditions.

Officers will begin detaining potential abusers tomorrow. Warnings will also be issued.

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Police attending domestic incidents will also be able to ask victims if they believe that the abuse is linked to football.

In 2011, an analysis of police figures revealed that domestic abuse incidents increased by 138.8 per cent on Saturdays when Old Firm matches took place. There was a 96.6 per cent increase when Old Firm matches were held on Sundays, with a 56.8 per cent rise on weekdays.

Detective Chief Inspector Sam McCluskey, head of the national Domestic Abuse Task Force, told The Times: “What we’re trying to do is keep domestic abuse victims and their children safe. To do that, rather than managing the risk by just going out to attend incidents, we are trying to remove the risk by removing the perpetrator.

“What we’re going to try and do this time is capture some information around it that will be data that will allow us to actually measure whether or not it was related to the game, because now, we don’t know that.”

Police Scotland have been working hard to drive down domestic abuse levels around football matches, with records showing there was no spike in incidents around the last Old Firm match in January 2015.

However, domestic abuse charities have raised concerns about more regular Old Firm matches next season.

Celtic will play Rangers in the Scottish Cup semi-finals on Sunday. It is the first time the clubs have met since Rangers secured their return to the Scottish Premiership.

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