The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) Scotland is set to launch a major new report on Scotland’s “Predominant-Party Problem” in Glasgow this week.

The event on Wednesday evening, a public debate at Renfield St. Stephen’s church, will see the launch of ‘One Party To Rule Them All: Does Scotland Have a Predominant-Party Problem?’.

The debate will feature contributions from political commentators Lesley Riddoch, Andrew Tickell, and Gerry Hassan, as well as CommonSpace editor Angela Haggerty.

The new report comes after a pre-election briefing from ERS Scotland and leading political scientist John Curtice predicted that the SNP will win a second consecutive majority based on current polling trends.

Willie Sullivan, director of ERS Scotland, said: “This event, like our report, will ask searching questions about the direction in which Scottish politics is moving.

“The SNP has done a brilliant job convincing Scottish voters that they are Scotland’s natural party of government – but can one party really represent all of Scotland?

“Are Scots happy to stay on the defensive, voting for one big “national party” like they did with Labour until recently? Or can we learn the lessons from our predominant-party past and move towards a more diverse, critical and ambitious political culture?”

The report launch will take place in Blythswood Hall, Renfield St. Stephen’s church, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JP on Wednesday April 20, from 7-8:30pm.