A Catalan nationalist has vowed not to eat until either Scotland - or his own country - has declared independence.

David Raventos will begin his hunger strike outside the British Consulate in Barcelona on Tuesday.

The 46-year-old campaigner supports a unilateral declaration of independence or UDI for both countries. And he believes a declaration by one would provoke a similar move by the other.


Mr Raventos, pictured above, expects a backlash for his move. He said: "From this moment on I will be slandered, threatened , people around me will be pressured to speak badly of me, they will depict me as a mole of whoever it suits. They say I’m on en ego trip, that there’s money supporting me, that I need to be institutionalised.

"They will use everything legal or illegal against me. A simple human being with a conscience. My next days will be a nightmare. It will be just a step up from what they have been doing against me the last two years."

Catalonia has been refused the right to hold a Scottish-style referendum by the authorities in Madrid, who see any such move as unconstitutional.

Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond this weekend again warned Catalans against UDI. Support for such a move is low in both Catalonia and Scotland. However, a petition backing UDI was launched at last year's Hope over Fear rally in Glasgow's George Square and signed by some 500 people.