POLICE Scotland officers have busted some Scottish moves after accepting a global "Running Man" dance challenge from cops in New York City.

The officers can be seen in front of Edinburgh Castle doing the running man - with a bit of country dancing thrown in. 

The viral video is their response to a challenge from cops in the NYPD who accepted a challenge from officers in New Zealand. 


The post on the official Police Scotland Facebook reads: "We accepted the #RunningManChallenge from @NYPDnews and pass it to @metpoliceuk @TorontoPolice and our own @PolScotCollege."

It is understood recruits at Police Scotland College will film their version today.

The Police Scotland team also thanked piper Andrew Vernon who added some Scottish flavour to their video which features the song My Boo by the Ghost Town DJs.

Facebook users have already commented on the video in their hundreds.

Gael A Whelan said: "Love the fact that the pipes are in this! Well done Police Scotland."

Donna Kokeš added: "Well done police Scotland. Your all so very brave, you risk your lives everyday to keep us all safe, it's just wonderful to see these officers having fun with this challenge."

Several Facebook users, however, did not feel the challenge was appropriate.