Europhile Scottish Secretary David Mundell has found himself on opposing sides of the European Union debate from his son Oliver, who will use his platform in the Scottish Parliament to campaign for Brexit.

Oliver Mundell was elected in the Tory resurgence which saw them elevated to be the second biggest party in Holyrood, but he is one of the few MSPs on the Conservative benches - and in the parliament as a whole - who will vote Leave.

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David Mundell, a former MSP and now Secretary of State for Scotland, said his son "is entitled to take his own position" on the EU, but he added that he does not agree with it.

HeraldScotland: Holyrood strengthened: "important milestone" as new powers come into force today, says David Mundell

Oliver Mundell, MSP for Dumfriesshire, told ITV Border: "I think it's important to stand up and be counted and that's why I'm going to be voting to Leave.

"I think there are real challenges around the Common Agricultural Policy and it's one of the areas where we've had a less good deal.

"At the moment we are a net contributor to the CAP pot, and I think that we need to make sure that support is available, whether we stay in the EU or come out, for local farmers to ensure that continuation of the family farm."

He added that he does not think the split over the EU will affect his relationship with his father.

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"We get on very well," he said. "We agree on a whole range of issues and this is just one thing where we've taken a different view.

HeraldScotland: Oliver Mundell being sworn in.

"But we have got a separate mandate. We might be elected by a lot of the same people, but ultimately people have put their trust in me and it's important to have a range of views on this debate.

"It shouldn't just be seen as a whitewash where everyone in elected office in Scotland is expected to vote in."

David Mundell told ITV Border: "Oliver always made it clear he would be his own man.

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"He has his own mandate and is entitled to take his own position on this issue, as indeed on any other matter.

"I respect his opinion on the EU, but obviously don't agree with it.

"However, it's not up to Oliver or me whether we stay in or leave the EU, it's the British people who will decide and what we both agree is that we will accept their verdict."