2005 - Liam's parents Rachael Trelfa and Joseph Johnson meet and quickly move in together

August 12, 2011 - Liam is born in Tyne and Wear

December 2011 - Trelfa leaves Mr Johnson for Fee and moves to Scotland

April 2012 - Trelfa leaves Fee and attempts a reconciliation with Mr Johnson, claiming Fee treats her badly, but quickly returns to Fee in Scotland. Mr Johnson is stopped from seeing his son at this point and lawyers are instructed in a battle over access.

June 2012 - Trelfa and Fee become civil partners at a registry office in Kirkcaldy.

January 2013 - Liam is assigned a case worker at Fife social work after reports from his nursery on numerous injuries. A police officer and a social worker visit the family and accept Trelfa and Fee's "plausible explanation" that he bumped his head.

April 2013 - Liam's case worker goes off sick and no-one else is assigned to monitor the family.

June 2013 - Social work become involved again when a childminder raises concerns about Liam "pinching himself". Police and social work take the view that they are not adult marks, but there are still "concerns".

January 2014 - One of the older boys in the women's care suffers an injury to his foot which is left to fester before he is eventually hospitalised. A farm worker claims he reported the injuries to social work but heard nothing further.

March 22, 2014, the night of Liam's death -

7.19pm - neighbours hear shouting and hysterical crying coming from the flat

7.36pm, 7.42pm & 7.44pm - Fee calls her mother Janice but the calls are later deleted from her phone before she hands it over to police.

7.57pm - Fee makes 999 call.

8.03pm - Ambulance arrives and crew notice Liam has post mortem staining and stiffening, suggesting he had not just died.

8.50pm - Fee's mother receives another call from her daughter and claims this is when she was told the toddler was dead.