A carer has been suspended after threatening Muslims on social media and saying she would "blow their faces off".

Yvonne Maclean, 58, is now likely to be struck off after colleagues flagged up her appalling posts the grandmother, who lives in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, posted a status update on Facebook saying: "Dirty clatty Muslim f***s. If I had my way I'd line them up against a wall, look them dead in the eyes and blow their black faces off."

She also said of Muslims: "Get everyone of those f***pigs to f*** out of our country, even the ones who claim they are peaceful. Don't believe any of them."

The Herald:

Maclean was sacked as a supervisor at Bupa's Wyndford Locks nursing home in Glasgow after the posts came to light.

She will appear at a Scottish Social Services Council disciplinary hearing next week for a three-day hearing relating to a string of misconduct charges.

Several charges refer to her calling Muslims "dirty" and "bad people" while also telling a colleague "foreigners are thieves and steal from supermarkets."

And the disgraced care worker, who asked a service user if they would like a "Scottish carer", is also accused of speaking to colleagues in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner.

The Herald:

Care watchdogs slapped Maclean with an interim six-month suspension order in February.

Maclean, a mother-of-two who is also a grandmother, is now understood to work for pub chain Wetherspoons.

And while some of her racist comments have been deleted, she has continued a tirade of of anti-Muslim slurs.

One recent message, referring to her new job, stated: "Good thing is no f****** Muslims, all whites. Will be able to speak without being accused of racism.

"Registration is still suspended but love what I am doing."

On April 6, another message was posted, saying: "I wish all these Pakistani would leave there (sic) backword (sic) behaviour in Pakistan and not waste the tax payer's money on legal issues.

"My God they are killing each other here now, b****y Muslims. I would put them all in a boat with a hole in it. Get to hell out of my country."

On March 22, another post urged European cities to "get rid of these Muslims once and for all".

And in a message on November 14 calling Islam a "joke", Maclean wrote: "The whole of the west stick together and get rid of this scum what I can't stand is how they all walk about freely living and working in the country."

Maclean could not be reached for comment yesterday.

A spokesman for the home said that they had dismissed Maclean from her role at Wynford Locks, adding: "We suspended her as soon as these allegations were raised in 2014."