LOOK at the sleek lines of this beautiful craft which would turn heads even now even although this picture was taken over 80 years ago. This is Sir Malcolm Campbell's Blue Bird on display at the Scottish Motor Show in Glasgow's Kelvin Hall in 1935, weeks after Sir Malcolm set the land speed record in it. He was the first man to travel at over 300 mph on land. The record had increased exponentially since Sir Malcolm set it at a mere 146 mph in 1924.

Sir Malcolm seemed a bit of a lad. He raced bikes, cars, set records on land and water, and married three times. When he diued it was remakred that he was one of the few land speed record holders to die of natural causes. Tragically his son Donald died on his own Bluebird - he contracted it to one word - while trying to set the water speed record.

The Scottish Motor Show was held at the Kelvin Hall for decades, and I smile as I read in The Herald in 1985, previewing that year's show, that while the men looked at the cars, "Mums can spot the stars among the various showbix personalities." So not in the least bit sexist.

This picture was probably taken while the stands were being set up as many of the onlookers are in overalls. The word "Paint" can just be made out chalked on the floor suggesting "Wet" is just out of shot.