Two youths have been taken to hospital in a disturbance that occurred at 4.10pm today in Buchannan Street, Glasgow.

The disturbance involving around 10 to 12 male youths occurred near to Buchannan Subway Station and resulted in two male youths aged 15 and 18 years being taken to hospital with minor injuries.

One was taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the other to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Dozens of people watched in horror as the incident unfolded.

Danielle Smith, 30, from Easterhouse, said: "There was a bunch of  boys fighting. About seven of them. They were about 16-years-old. Two of them got stabbed.

"It was shocking. I'm here with nieces and step daughter. You don't want them to see that sort of thing."

Carly Marsland, 21, from Dumbarton, said: "They had on track suits and one has a school uniform on.

"One was stabbed in the leg, another in the bottom. They were laughing and joking about it and said they'd been stabbed before."

Danielle Smith added: "The two boys who were stabbed were taken away in separateambulances, still laughing and joking." 

Liam McReanan also witnessed the scene: "I heard shouting screaming people were looking on aghast. When  I reached Bath St and Buchanan St there was two kids on the deck. One had a fairly deep stab wound to his thigh. There was a lot of blood. The other kid had been stabbed in the buttocks."

"Luckily a doctor was there to administer first aid."

"I was helping with the kid who'd been stabbed in the buttocks by keeping pressure on the wound with a shop worker who had first aid training. She said there had been disturbances in the hours leading up to the stabbing."

"Once the ambulance arrived I left them toand  it made my way home."

Anyone who witnessed the incident or anyone who has captured the disturbance on their phone should contact Baird Street Police station on 101.