The UK appears to be heading out of the European Union after a poll showed the Leave campaign has opened up a 10 point lead with less than two weeks to go.

The shock result marks the end of a week of furious campaigning by both sides.

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Prime Minister David Cameron and First Minster Nicola Sturgeon appealed to millions of voters to back Remain during a series of televised showdowns.

And a host of world leaders, including former American President Bill Clinton, have urged the UK not to leave the EU.

The value of the pound almost immediately fell against the dollar and the Euro as the markets reacted to the result.

The ORB poll for the Independent newspaper found 55 per cent of people in favour of Brexit, with 45 per cent backing Remain.

The lead now enjoyed by the Leave campaign is up 8 points on a previous poll in April.

READ MORE: God particle physicist Professor Peter Higgs says staying in the EU is "good for science"

It is a remarkable turnaround for the pro-Brexit side who were 10 points behind when polling began a year ago.

The poll also suggested that turnout could decide whether the UK stay or leaves.

ORB found that almost 78 per cent of Leave supporters say they will definitely vote, while just 66 per cent of Remain supporters said the same.

Support for EU membership is highest in Scotland, where 60 per cent back Remain, in a small sample of the more than 2,000 polled across the UK on Wednesday and Thursday.

The findings will increase fears that Remain is failing to appeal to Labour voters.

When turnout is taken into account, just over half, 56 per cent, of those who voted for Labour at last year’s general election back Remain, while 44 per cent support Leave.

Among Tory supporters, 38 per cent back Remain and 62 per cent support Leave.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who will try to appeal to undecided voters in Aberdeen this weekend, has gfaced accusations from his own MPs of a half-hearted campaign for Remain

It’s the latest online poll to suggest support for the Leave campaign is strengthening,

However, a YouGov survey on Monday put Remain narrowly ahead.

Prime Minister David Cameron has urged the public to ignore polls.

“In the election, an awful lot of the commentary seemed to be determined by what the polls seemed to be saying,” he said. “I think we should just forget about the polls. There is going to be a (conclusive) poll in 13 days’ time.”

Mr Cameron also admitted he was "very concerned" about the outcome of the referendum