Mark Millar has said that Scots 'needs to get out of Europe' while they still can as he backed Brexit.

Mr Millar, who is from Coatbridge, said that he wanted to do everything he could to persuade people to leave the EU ahead of next week's referendum.

The comic book maestro said that, despite the EU popularity with the arts community, framing the argument to stay in Europe in a cultural context was 'absolutely meaningless', adding that leaving would have no impact on the export and import of European books, movies, music and art.

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In a column for STV, Mr Millar wrote: "A chance like this is never coming back and, make no mistake, voting Remain is not a vote for the status quo as you or I understand it.

"The EU is being rapidly realigned as a state by itself with a president, a currency and very soon an army. We're heading into something that's not only going to be a monster, a politician's dream where the people with power are appointed not elected, but a total failure in every sense.

"Europe is falling apart and the solution to this catastrophe is surely not more of the very same problem that kicked off the troubles. We need to get out while we still can and continue what's been good for us (like several progressive employment laws) through our democratic parliaments here in the UK."


Mr Millar's intervention comes as over 80 Scottish actors, artists and writers, including stars from Games of Thrones, Harry Potter and Trainspotting, backed the Remain campaign.

Daniel Portman, who plays Podrick Payne in Game of Thrones, said that leaving Europe would give a boost to 'the far-right's politics of intolerance'.

Author Val McDermid, who backed the Remain campaign last month, said that Scottish culture had benefitted from 'sharing our creativity with our neighbours and developing strong lnks with European institutions, going back to the Middle Ages'.

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The group admitted that Europe was not perfect as they backed Remain but said that the benefits of EU membership had included jobs, security and legal protection.

Earlier this month Monty Python star John Cleese blasted the EU as he came out in favour of Brexit.

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The Leave campaign has opened up a seven point lead over Remain, according to a poll this week, with Scots appearing to back staying in Europe.

Voters will have their say on EU membership when the referendum takes place on Thursday, June 23.