ONE shouldn't laugh, but the photograph involves journalists, so I think that is sufficient excuse to do so. This is a glider from the Air Training Corps coming in to land at Abbotsinch Airport in the mid sixties with watching journalists "diving for cover" as the back of the photograph states. Oh how the Herald photographer must have taken pleasure at the panic amongst his colleagues. The two in the middle appear to be doing the classic "which direction will we run in?" quandary.

The picture was taken just before Abbotsinch Airport became Glasgow Airport, when it was turned into the commercial airport which it has now become. Before then it had been a Royal Navy airfield, mainly used for storing aircraft, as well as taking lads from the ATC into the skies.

The airport is too busy now for gliders, but the West Scotland Wing of the Air Training Corps still exists, is headquartered in Paisley, and covers over 900 cadets in 29 squadrons who do lots of outdoor activities as well as flying.