A day of volatility, politically and financially.

The repercussions for Britain's future politics will be vast. A moment in history few of us will have experienced in our lifetimes.

David Cameron is expected to make a Downing Street statement within the next hour or two. It could see him resign; his authority having been shattered.

Foreign markets have already reacted negatively and once the home markets open later this morning, billions are expected to be wiped off the value of shares and sterling is expected to plummet.

A great period of incertainty is likely to begin.

For the Tories, there will be much political turbulence as the Prime Minister decides where his future lies; a departure will spark a bitter leadership battle lasting weeks.

For Labour, there will be recriminations over the role of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership and what many regarded as his lacklustre performance. His future could also be in doubt.

For Ukip, senior figures had already predicted an "SNP-style bounce" if they lost the vote; winning it could see them make big strides into those working class areas, where people have become disaffected with Labour.

For the SNP, the constitutional question is back centre stage. While the likes of Alex Salmond and the party's grassroots will be demanding a second poll and soon, given Scotland voted overwhelmingly for Remain, Nicola Sturgeon is placed in a difficult position because victory in another independence referendum on the back of such a big constitutional change as Brexit is not a given as Scottish minister Humza Yousaf alluded to recently.

A victory for Leave, as now looks certain, will shake up the kaleidoscope of British politics for years to come; just how the pieces will fall, no one really knows.

UK politics just got more unpredictable.