Alex Salmond has mocked the leadership divisions plaguing Labour and the Conservatives by calling for MPs to spend a week debating "political backstabbing".

The former first minister of Scotland described Labour MPs as "rank amateurs" in their attempts to dislodge Jeremy Corbyn when compared with Michael Gove's bid to become the next Tory prime minister.

Mr Salmond labelled Justice Secretary Mr Gove as "Lord Macbeth" for having "dispatched" Prime Minister David Cameron before knocking Boris Johnson out of the Tory leadership race.

The former SNP leader also asked Commons Leader Chris Grayling, who is backing Home Secretary Theresa May's leadership bid, if he feared he will soon be targeted by Mr Gove.

To laughs, Mr Salmond suggested to Mr Grayling: "Can we have a week-long debate on political backstabbing?

"We're going to need a week because all of the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) will want to take part, but they are rank amateurs compared to (Mr Gove), the Lord Macbeth of this chamber, who having dispatched the Prime Minister today is dispatching the Prime Minister's greatest rival.

"What makes you think that Lord Macbeth's dagger won't soon be turned to you and the Home Secretary?"

Tory frontbencher Mr Grayling replied: "(Mr Gove) has been, in my view, an excellent education secretary, an excellent chief whip and is now doing an excellent job in the role I used to perform as Lord Chancellor.

"He has friends and the confidence of this side of the House and he is, for the Scottish National Party, a formidable adversary."