George Osborne will hold meetings on Wall Street today (MON) as the UK battles to contain the economic fallout from the shock Brexit vote.

The Chancellor will urge executives from some of America’s biggest investors to stick with Britain.

Despite the decision to leave the European Union, this as a golden opportunity for them to build an even stronger relationship with the UK, he will claim.

The visit will be the first in a series to key global financial and political centres.

Next week Mr Osborne will lead a trade mission to Singapore and China.

The US is the largest single destination for UK exports, and the UK is America’s largest European trading partner.

In 2014 UK exports to the US totalled £88 billion, almost a fifth of the total.

Ahead of his trip, Mr Osborne said: “While Britain’s decision to leave the EU clearly presents economic challenges, we now have to do everything we can to make the UK the most attractive place in the world to do business.

“Britain and the US have been at the forefront of open trade in the last 200 years and pursuing a stronger relationship with our biggest trading partners is now a top priority. That’s why I am travelling to the US, China and Singapore in the coming weeks and why my message to the world is that Britain may be leaving the EU, but we are not quitting the world.? We will continue to be a beacon for free trade, democracy and security, more open to that world than ever.”