Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan have left viewers furious after a bizarre interview with prospective Labour leader Owen Smith.

The politician is running against Jeremy Corbyn to head up the party but his interview with the presenters included questions about bullying and viagra.

Owen Smith with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid(ITV)

The Labour hopeful, who used to be a lobbyist for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, faced questions from Piers about whether he used to try the products, to which he replied: “That’s for me and Mrs Smith to know about.”

Susanna quickly jumped in to say: “I would have thought the straight answer would be no, you wouldn’t have to test all the pharmaceutical products.

The politician replied: “That was called a joke, Susanna.”

Owen Smith on GMB(ITV)

Piers did not stop there though, continuing: “Having opened the door to the joke, did you ever try viagra?”

The answer? “I haven’t actually. I haven’t needed it.”

Also during the interview, the politician alleged that there was a “bullying culture” when he worked on the BBC’s Today Programme during his 20s.

He said: “There was an editor that was very heavy-handed at the time and I was foolish to respond to it. I won’t state any names.”

Piers swiftly insisted that he would be able to work out who he was referring to even if he didn’t reveal the person in question.

However, viewers were not impressed by the tone of the interview, hitting out at the show on Twitter.