A plumber who won £14million on the lottery was today back at work fixing toilets - just two days after getting his whopping cheque. 

Grafter John Doherty, 52, said he didn't want to let down his loyal customers - and would be bored sat at home. 

Dad-of-two John scooped £14,671,343 with wife Alison, 50. The beaming couple were unveiled on Tuesday as the latest lotto jackpot winners. 

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But shortly after 9am yesterday, John was back in his black overalls and jumping into his black Mercedes van - to service a boiler he'd fitted. 

John, of Elderslie, Renfrewshire, said: "I really enjoy my work - I've been doing it a long time. 

The Herald:

"I want to stay grounded. 

"I've got a lot of loyal customers and I don't want to let them down. 

"I'm doing stuff that was arranged before all this happened." 

And, despite his new-found fortune, John said he couldn't imagine sitting in the family home all day. 

He said: "You'd be bored not working. So I'm just carrying on." 

John, who set up his JDPS plumbing and heating engineer firm in 1984, said: "I'm just off up the road to service a boiler I fitted. 

"My customers are older people and they've treated me just the same after the win which is what I want. 

Read more: Paisley couple named as winners of £15m lottery jackpot
"I'm just back off two holidays so I definitely don't think I should be sitting on a beach. 

"I will treat myself - but once it's all settled down a bit 

"I'll probably slow down a wee bit. — I'd like to go four days a week —- but I still want to keep doing it because it's mine. If I was working for someone else I'd be away." 

The couple's numbers came up after Alison let a customer go ahead of her in the queue at their local Nisa convenience store and then decided to follow suit when the other customer bought a lucky dip ticket. 

After their six numbers came up on July 2, the cool-headed couple hid their precious winning slip under a lantern at home - because they had a holiday booked. 

Read more: Paisley couple named as winners of £15m lottery jackpot

They flew off to Florida with children Ryan, 20 and Laura, 11, before getting the ticket validated on their return. 

They celebrated their £14,671,343 win with a £45 delivery of pizzas from Domino's and Alison splashed out on a £300 Coach designer handbag.