INTERNET giant Google is asking for Scots to help it's voice recognition technology to get to grips with the accent.

An employee from the internet search company posted a notice online, looking to recruit Scottish people for "speech data".

The task involves saying a set of phrases and requires people to record themselves through Google Chrome.

People are asked to record voice prompts like “Indy now”, “Google what’s the time”. Each phrase takes around three to five seconds.

The three-hour task, which has to be completed by August 6, offers those selected payment of £30 for children, and £27 for adults.

The recordings will be used to familiarise Google and Android voice command software with the Scottish accent.

Scottish accents and voice-recognition technology have rarely made great bedmates and videos have been posted across YouTube demonstrating the problem.

One features Scots desperately trying to instruct iPhone personal assistant Siri to ‘create a reminder’.