A street in Glasgow has been cordoned off after a wall collapsed on to the pavement below. 

Emergency services were called to Benalder Street in Partick at around 12.00pm.

It is believed the wall fell 12 feet from the top of a building.

There are currently no confirmed injuries, an eyewitnesses report no one was hurt.

There are reports of damage to parked vehicles nearby.

One onlooker said he heard a woman screaming as she was inside a car when it was struck by falling debris.

Another eyewitness who was in a nearby flat said his building was evacuated. 

He told Heart Scotland news:"I had just got out the shower when I heard a tremendous rumble, it was like thunder.

"We looked outside the kitchen window and there was a cloud of dust. I ran to the window and there was just this pile of rubble.

"We went downstairs and we heard a woman screaming horribly and my  first thought was that someone was injured but we just saw cars that were damaged."

An investigation is underway.