MORE than 1100 people have signed a petition calling for the age limit for music festivals to be increased to 21.

The online appeal was set up by Chris Bell, dad of 17-year-old Megan Bell who died at this year's T in The Park.

He said he was concerned about the availability of drugs and alcohol at the festival, and urged organisers of all festivals to consider raising the age limit to 21.

He said the aim of the petition was "simply to stop children attending these events where the dangers of alcohol drugs and even sexual assaults are rife."

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The 44-year-old from Durham set up the appeal 11 days ago, and since then 1178 people have pledged their support.

Megan's mum Lisa wrote: " Megan was my world and I miss her every minute of every day - her heartbroken mam."

Many other supporters said they had relatives who attended T in The Park or other music festivals this year and they felt their fate could have been the same as Megan's.

Paula Payne wrote: "I'm signing because there's to many young people losing there lives at things like this and security needs to be tighter age limit higher then as a adult you choose not children copying others."

Linda Brass added: " My granddaughter was at T this could just as easily have been her who didn't come home!"

Argyll teenager Peter McCallum, also 17, died at the festival in a separate incident on the same day.

Read more: T in the Park sets up drugs amnesty after deaths of two teenagers

T in the Park organisers DF concerts previously said they were "devastated by the death of Megan Bell however, we believe the family should be allowed to grieve in peace."

Speaking during this year's festival, DF boss Geoff Ellis said the deaths of both Megan and Peter had "hit us all hard".

He said: "We always say T in the Park is like a big community, like a family and when something like this happens, it's like a death in our family."