A teenager armed with a machete attacked a bus in Glasgow.

Passenger Kris Goodman, 30, was travelling on the bus with his five-year-old daughter when the incident happened on Monday evening.

He said two hooded teenagers, one armed with a machete more than a foot long, attacked the bus in the city's east end at 8.30pm, as well as targeting other vehicles.

He said: "I saw two teenagers, aged between 15-18, one of them had a machete and they were attacking cars as they were going past.

"They were just going up to them and properly going for them.

"Then I saw them going for the bus I was on. They hit the driver's side window.

"They were hitting vehicles as if they really wanted to scare people."

The lighting designer managed to take a photo of the teenager with the machete on Alexandra Parade, and called the police.

He said both teenagers were wearing grey hooded tops and the one with the machete was wearing black jogging bottoms while the other was wearing grey jogging bottoms.

Locals reported several police vehicles and a helicopter being spotted in neighbouring Roystonhill following the incident.

A police spokeswoman said: "Officers are dealing with an ongoing disturbance."

Police swooped in on an estate in the east end at around 9pm as they carried out a massive operation following the incident. 

Residents poured onto the streets baffled by the large police presence. 

A police helicopter was also flying in the area. 

Residents in the area have taken to social media, claining that police are looking for two youths, one of whom is allegedly armed with a machete.