A man who says he was abused for years in the care of the Catholic church is to chain himself to a cross in Glasgow in protest.

Dave Sharp, who grew up in Catholic orphanages, and attended St Ninian's school, run by the Christian Brotherhood, is calling for the church to do more to help victims of abuse such as himself. He is also demanding an apology for the treatment children received at St Ninian's.

A former headteacher and an ex-teacher from the school were convicted at Glasgow's High Court last month of abusing and sexually assaulting six boys there in the 1970s and 1980s.

Dave Sharp, who spent six years at the school over the same period says he was repeatedly raped, beaten and drugged when he was in his early teens.

From Monday, he plans to chain himself to a home-made seven foot wooden cross outside St Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow every day for 10 days, to highlight his claim that the church has turned its back on victims.

He said being attached to the cross would symbolise the hold the church has had over his life. He has had spells of addiction and in prison and has made several attempts on his own life.

"The Catholic church in Scotland has turned its back on me and all the other victims," he said. "Almost a year ago Archbishop Tartaglia told the people of Scotland that he wanted to be a part of the healing process in helping victims of historical child abuse in Scotland and since then he has ignored us.

"It is clear that neither the Catholic church or the Christian Brothers have any intention of offering any apology or help to the 70 or so men who came forward in the case," he said.

He said he could not understand why not: "This was described as the biggest case of its kind in Scottish history and no one from the church or the Christian Brothers has come forward and offered any kind of apology."

Mr Sharp said he had little faith in the Scottish Child abuse inquiry set up by the Scottish Government.

"Politicians like John Swinney say we are making progress, and victims will be looked after. But they are abusing us all over again with false hopes and promises."

He said some might find a mock crucifixion offensive but said: "I don't mind that. Nothing I do is against the law.

Nobody from the Catholic Church was available to comment.