IT is already standing out as a world-class base for Scotland's international football and rugby teams, but a planned addition to the country's new national sports performance centre could also become a hub for super-teams like Barcelona.

The £33 million Oriam sports complex at Heriot Watt University at Riccarton in Edinburgh is being used by the Scottish Football Association with clubs such as Hearts and Hibernian among those joining the cream of Scottish Rugby on the same site.

A hotel planned to open late in 2017 will also act as a gateway for international associations, individuals and sports clubs to take part in events including training camps.

The hotel will have a dedicated entrance and floor for the SFA and SRU, key movers in the project along with Basketball Scotland, Netball Scotland, Scottish Handball, sportscotland Institute of Sport and Scottish Squash and Racquetball.

Catriona McAllister, Oriam’s chief executive, said: "We have already received quite a lot of interest from companies who organise tours, so they might be bringing teams across from America or Europe."

Champions League clubs who come to Scotland could be among those to use the facilities, also in close proximity to Edinburgh airport, she said.

The Oriam's main features include Europe's biggest indoor football facility - which is the size of Hampden Park's pitch - and high-performance sports provisions such as a hydrotherapy pool, dedicated medical bays and a strength and conditioning suite.

The Reiach and Hall-designed centre sits under a roof which follows the curve of Roberto Carlos' inspirational 1997 free kick against France, and the corridor alongside has viewing portholes cut out that if set to music lines is the tune of Flower of Scotland.

Backed by £24 million from the Scottish Government and £9 million from Sportscotland, Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh City Council, the visually striking sports performance centre opened to the public, who can join from £25, on Monday.

The Oriam, Gaelic for gold, includes an outdoor synthetic pitch, five outdoor natural football and two rugby pitches, 12-court sports hall, a cafe and a fitness suite, and world-class facilities for sports science and medicine.

While it may not guarantee gold medals, the Oriam team say its aim "is to provide our top sportsmen and women with the facilities, access and support services pivotal for successful performance on the international stage".

Among the early users in September will be the Scotland 7s rugby squad for an indoor training session and, on a later date, the Scottish Women’s rugby squad arriving for a training camp.

Their football equivalents, the Scotland Women A squad, will also enjoy their first experience on the indoor pitch later this month and, soon after, Oriam’s first international handball event takes place in the sports hall just days before the Rio celebration there with the Scots on Team GB and Paralympics GB on Wednesday, September 28.