THE pro-independence RISE alliance yesterday announced plans for a permanent social hub and regular ‘politico disco’ to boost left-wing campaigning across Scotland.

The group, which stands for Respect, Independence, Socialism and Environmentalism, said the new venue in Glasgow would help “rebuild a left wing culture from the ground up”.

It said funds would come from Silver Spoon, a monthly club night featuring “songs of political struggle and liberation… with a core theme of excellent music, good vibes and bad dancing”.

Speaking after RISE’s national assembly in Glasgow, club organiser Sean Baillie said the plan was to engage with hundreds of people in a relaxed way while raising political ideas.

He said: "Each night takes on a particular theme, highlighting a struggle or movement which has changed our world for the better. Our last night was a successful celebration of Pride. All this is part of making our politics more accessible and, more importantly, more enjoyable."

A new website hosting "debate, discussion, left-wing analysis and strategy" is also being launched.

RISE said the hub would “facilitate idea generation and solidify bonds amongst the group”.

Organiser Suki Sangha said: “We are looking to have a dynamic political, cultural and organising centre that can host debate, meetings to plan activities, and be a place where we can hold music and film events. More will be unveiled in the coming months.”

Nicknamed the Scottish Syriza, RISE was formed last year by the Radical Independence Campaign, Scottish Left Project and Scottish Socialist Party, and stood for Holyrood on a platform of ending austerity, big tax hikes for the rich, and a second referendum.

However, despite a high-profile candidate in Cat Boyd, it polled just 0.5 per cent of the list vote in May, coming behind the Scottish Christian Party and Tommy Sheridan’s rival Solidarity.