FORMER Glasgow MP George Galloway has said that it's a "real possibility" that he would return to Scotland if he was to be "reinstated" as a Labour Party member.

It is understood that Galloway hopes that if Corbyn is re-elected as Labour leader, he would have a chance of being invited back into the party, following his expulsion over comments on Iraq more than a decade ago.

Under such a scenario figures on the left of Labour, who are sympathetic to Galloway, would seek to propose that Galloway would be readmitted as a party member.

Last night, Galloway told the Sunday Herald that he would like to return to Scotland and to take up a "campaigning role" for Scottish Labour, a party he was a high profile figure in for decades.

The former Glasgow Kelvin MP said that he has "zero interest" in standing for Holyrood.

Galloway said that it would be difficult to seek election as a Labour MP in Scotland, with the party having just one Westminster representative north of the Border - however, Galloway said he would not it "rule out".

Galloway said he was considering coming back to Scotland after a more than a decade away because of his unhappiness about the dramatic decline of the party.

The former MP for the Respect party, that has now been dissolved, said that Scottish Labour "needs all the help it can get" from figures like him.

Galloway, who now lives in London, said it was unjust that Blair was allowed to remain a member, but he is excluded.

He cited how Jeremy Corbyn and the late Tony Benn and Michael Foot had opposed his expulsion in late 2003, as part of the reason why he should be allowed back in.

Galloway insisted that it would have to be a case of being "reinstated" rather than applying to be let back in.

In such a case Galloway said he would like to take on a campaigning role for Labour in Scotland and would seriously consider leaving his London base.

He said: "It very much depends on what happens with the Labour Party leadership election...It depends on my own status as an expelled member and whether I'm reinstated.

"It would come down to renegotiation, but if Jeremy wins well again and I was reinstated and returned to the Labour Party then (coming back to Scotland) is a real possibility."