The controversial pro-Scottish independence blogger Wings Over Scotland has been suspended by Twitter amid claims he orchestrated a “hate mob” against a Daily Express journalist.

Stuart Campbell, who runs the site, confirmed that the social media platform had suspended his account but had not given him an explanation.

In a post written on the Wings Over Scotland blog, Mr Campbell said: “We’ve had no email from Twitter offering any sort of explanation, but it seems most likely to have been at the behest of a Daily Express hack called Siobhan McFadyen who’s been huffily bleating to the company’s executives over the weekend.”


Stuart Campbell

Mr Campbell had earlier commented on a Daily Express article written by Ms McFadyen in which the London-based journalist suggested First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was “teeing up the population for more outbreaks of violence and misery” as she launched a fresh drive for Scottish independence.

Mr Campbell posted a lengthy rebuttal to the article on his Wings site on Sunday and later took to Twitter to call out Ms McFadyen directly, saying “What an utter disgrace @siobhanyc [McFadyen] is.

Social media users, a number of whom appeared to be Wings followers, then began sending tweets to the journalist.

Mr McFadyen said on Twitter that she had received over 600 messages from supporters of Mr Campbell, including insults and alleged death threats that she had reported to the police.

She also stated that she had received abusive messages from independence supporters during the referendum campaign in 2014.

 A spokesperson for Twitter said: “We don’t comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.”