Labour has shrugged off divisions over the leadership to score a hat-trick of council by-election gains as activists gather for their party conference in Liverpool.

The party took two seats from Conservatives and one from the SNP in the latest local contests.

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats continued their winning streak by taking a council seat from the Tories, following a gain from Labour earlier in the week, and Plaid Cymru took a seat from independent.

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Labour pushed Conservatives into third place in taking a seat in the Christchurch ward of Allerdale Council following the resignation of a Tory councillor.

Voting was: Lab 324, LD 234, C 206, Ukip 32.

Labour's second victory over the Tories came at North Warwickshire (Arley & Whitacre) in a contest prompted by the resignation of a Conservative councillor.

Voting was: Lab 577, C 390.

North of the border, Labour inflicted a defeat on the SNP, topping the first-preference votes to take a seat at North Lanarkshire (Coatbridge North & Glenboig).

First-preference voting was: Lab 1,350, SNP 1,261, C 366, Green 195, Ukip 63.

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The contest followed the resignation of SNP councillor Fulton MacGregor, who was elected MSP for Coatbridge & Chryston in the Holyrood elections in May.

Elsewhere, Labour comfortably held a seat at Gateshead (Chopwell & Rowlands Gill).

The latest Lib Dem gain came at Teignbridge (Teignmouth Central) where they took a seat from Conservatives in a by-election following the death of a Tory councillor.

Voting was: LD 491, C 286, Ukip 111, Lab 72.

Earlier in the week, Lib Dems took a seat from Labour on Cardiff Council in the Plasnewydd division.

Among the other latest council by-elections, Plaid Cymru gained a seat from independent on Carmarthenshire County Council (Cilycwm division) in a contest following the death of an independent councillor.

Voting was: PC 201, Ind Davies 151, Lab 123, Ind Paul 106, People First 64, LD 62, C 15. Turnout was relatively high at 61%.

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Meanwhile, Conservatives held seats at Cherwell (Adderbury, Bloxham & Bodicote) and South Northamptonshire (Old Stratford), where the by-election was prompted by the resignation of Conservative Stephen Mold as a councillor following his election as Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner in May.

A result was expected later from a by-election at Suffolk (Hadleigh division) following the resignation of an independent councillor who was previously elected as a Conservative.

The local by-election tallies since the May elections currently stand as follows:

C: +5, -13, held 24

Lab: +7, -10, held 21

LD: +15, -0, held 6

SNP: +1, -2, held 0

Plaid Cymru: +1, -0, held 2

Green: +1, -0, held 0

Ukip: +4, -3, held 2

Ind/Other: +3, -9, held 5.