Tough economy and changing trends in retail industry have forced people to find new ways to save money. Activity known as ‘couponing’ has become extremely popular not only with those, who try to make ends meet every month, but also with those who have a bit more cash on their hand but don’t want to spend it irresponsibly. With online promotions, brands such as ASOS, Smyths Toys, Wilko, Tesco or George are more than ever before.

During the last few years, e-commerce market grew to a whopping £156 bn in 2015 and is expected to reach no less than 16% more by the end of 2016. In Europe, the United Kingdom leads the way ahead of other developed countries, such as Germany or France, and represents more than 15% of the total share. The above aren’t just numbers, which don’t have anything to do with people who spend their money. It’s got a direct influence on job markets, tax revenue and the fact that people’s shopping behaviour will sooner or later change as well.

With better access to online shopping, the competition has grown for the ‘old dogs,’ as they now need to find a way to attract new customers and keep the existing ones coming back for more. Loyalty has less to do with the shopper’s choices than it used to. In fact, one in five people would gladly abandon their virtual shopping cart if there was no deal available at the time of shopping. A true bargain is worth more for a consumer than the brand itself.

In such a multi-national country as the UK, people coming from different parts of the world like to know how to spend their money wisely and responsibly. It’s no surprise then that a well-known discount code platform from Poland decided to enter the British retail market with a fresh perspective and tools allowing users to find codes more effectively. Its business model helps them to use the applications and features not available anywhere else.

Polish residents will most definitely be happy to know that the most famous coupon code website in Poland, is now available in the UK under a new domain name – After implementing rebranding, it is currently one of the biggest players in the world of coupon codes and discounts. It is now more convenient to use and easier in navigation and has already proven popular in over thirty international markets. The mobile version enables everyone to look for deals and promotions on the go, and what is more important from the user’s point of view, there are no invalid promotional codes on the website. Deals updated daily work every time so the shopper has the confidence necessary to spend money online.

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Discount code platforms have existed for quite some time now. They first started out as an outlet for people who struggled with money, to find ways to save some of it and to shop for quality at the same time. Picodi is different in a way that it opens new doors to both businesses and consumers. Relatively young countries and nations show that they can create a global network of coupon code services that are already leading the markets in Poland, Turkey, Argentina, Singapore, Mexico and Czech Republic. Could the United Kingdom repeat that success, only time will tell. For now, the exquisite quality of content lets the Polish and other members of the public to find exactly what they’re looking for.