SOME of these girls will now not be far off collecting their pensions but that was far from their minds in October 1973, when they worshipped the Osmonds at the Apollo in Glasgow.

There were no mobile phones then so the girls could simply scream without having to hold their phones up to take pictures all the time.

As the Evening Times recorded: “Girls stood up and waved their arms in salute, pulled their hair, jumped frantically up and down, or simply collapsed in their seats, sobbing with excitement.”

The reporter compared the scenes to Beatlemania from the previous decade but said the main difference was the age of the fans, with some of those at the Osmonds being as young as eight.

The previous day the Osmonds had flown in to Glasgow Airport on a private jet, allegedly piloted by big brother Alan Osmond, before the five brothers appeared wearing tartan tammies at an Albany Hotel press conference where they immediately said: “It’s great to be here. We just love your country.”

As bemused Evening Times reporter Graham Scott admitted: “I committed the cardinal sin – I pushed a small boy out of my way in the crush at the hotel – it was Jimmy Osmond.”