The Edinburgh festival impresario and arts figure Richard Demarco has opened a new exhibition of his work charting his key collaboration with the German artist Joseph Beuys.

Demarco has launched the exhibition at Edinburgh College in the Granton area of the city.

The exhibition of photography covers the relationship between the two friends and Beuys’ connections with other artists.

It documents a 16-year period from 1970-1986 and is intended as an "academic resource for the art and design students at Edinburgh College."

It is running at the same time as the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art’s current exhibition Richard Demarco and Joseph Beuys: A Unique Partnership.

The exhibition is on display at Edinburgh College’s Granton campus until 9 November.

Beuys, who lived from 1921 to 1986, and who visited Scotland with Demarco, is regarded as one of the most influential artists of the late twentieth century, a political and social activist and educator as well as conceptual artist.

Demarco said: "Joseph Beuys is the personification of the artist-teacher so is of huge relevance to the art students of Edinburgh College.

"It’s very important to me that this work is embedded in an academic institution as vital as Edinburgh College, where the next generation of artists will see it and be inspired by the genius of my friend Joseph Beuys."

Edinburgh College’s head of Creative Industries, Jakki Jeffery, said: “Professor Demarco is a great and longstanding friend to the college and has always offered unwavering support and inspiration to our students.

"His generosity with his work and his time means we’re privileged to host this exhibition.

"He and Joseph Beuys are huge figures in international art and this collection is an important document of their time together. "Our students will gain an appreciation of the importance of collaboration and fresh insight into how these artistic minds create their work.”

Scottish artists included in the exhibition are include Jimmy Boyle, Arthur Watson, and George Wyllie, among others.