Scotland has lost another gallery space, with Glasgow Sculpture Studios closing its exhibition space at its Whisky Bond venue.

The current show by Polish artist Zofia Kulik will be the last for at least three years.

The decision has been made by the GSS, which moved into the redeveloped building in 2012, after its board decided it had to make financial cuts.

Mhairi Sawyer, business director, said that overhead costs, in particular rent, of being based in the Whisky Bond have been a "challenge".

Ms Sawyer said that the long term ambition of the GSS is still to hold exhibitions but for the next 3 to 5 years the body has to "live within its means".

The GSS hopes to generate income from the exhibition space on the building's ground floor.

The body will now concentrate on its "core" activities which is providing studio and manufacturing facilities for artists and sculptors.

Two jobs have been made redundant as part of the changes, with Kyla McDonald leaving as well as programme curator Louise Briggs.

Exhibitions planned for next year have been cancelled.

GSS is one of Creative Scotland's regularly funded organisations.

A statement from the board, said: "Since 2010, GSS has developed a critical reputation for its cutting-edge, international exhibitions and residency programme in line with our remit to support our membership as a vibrant community of professional artists.

"As GSS approaches 30, it is important that we continue to adapt, evolve and build our core resilience.

"The current funding climate has required GSS to re-evaluate our organisational structure in line with our core remit and ensure that we make best use of our resources and funding. As a result of this process, the GSS Board of Trustees can now outline two changes to our operations:

"There will be a hold on the GSS gallery programme, meaning that there will be no exhibition programme beyond 2016.

"Although we cannot say how long this hold will last for it is likely to continue for the next 3 years.

"There will be a reduction to the operational hours of the GSS workshop facilities.

"The Board hopes to keep the reduction to a minimum and will engage with members and staff to agree opening hours that best provides for membership and is an effective use of resources."

It adds: "Although the realignment of our resources will result in changes to our public programme, GSS will continue to act as a home for innovative creative practice and support."