A staunch supporter of Scottish independence has joined the European Parliament's Brexit negotiation team.

Catalan independentista Josep Maria Terricabras was named as one of a dozen MEPs on a team monitoring Britain's bid to leave the bloc.

Mr Terricabras - who represents the SNP's main Catalan allies Republicana Esquerra in the parliament - made clear his support for a deal with Scotland.

He said: "To me it seems extraordinarily important for Catalans to see the possibilities that there are for an agreement with Scotland, for Scotland to have a new relationship with Europe."

The Catalan also said that he did not believe Britain should be "punished for wanting" to leave and that negotiations should be carried out to avoid "enmity".

Mr Terricabras, a 70-year philosophy professor, will serve on the Brexit team alongside the leaders of the groups in parliament and the body's president, Martin Schulz; French negotiator Michel Barnier; and a Sinn Fein MEP, Martina Anderson.