A NEW survey has named author JK Rowling as one of the most inspirational public figures over the age of 50.

The research, carried out for Co-op Funeralcare, saw people across the UK being asked to name their “most inspiring” older Briton.

Harry Potter author Rowling is joined in the top 10 by Sir David Attenborough, the Queen, Joanna Lumley, Helen Mirren, Stephen Hawking, Julie Walters, Mary Berry, Carol Vorderman and Rod Stewart.

Researchers also compiled a top 40 “bucket list” for over-50s, with living by the sea coming out on top.

Other ambitions that made it into the top 10 are taking a cruise, going on a road trip across the US, living abroad, writing a book, swimming with dolphins, visiting the Arctic or Antarctic, going on safari, learning a new language and eating at a Michelin starred restaurant. David Collingwood, head of funeral operations at the Co-op, said: “Living for the moment is very much on the agenda after 50 plus.

“Our over-50s bucket list demonstrates an increasing ambition to experience a life well lived and create good memories both for ourselves and with those we hold dear.

“Though many of the achievements on our bucket list are a once in a lifetime opportunity, often we see that it is the everyday memories which can trigger a smile and lead families to still speak our name long after we are gone.”

The top 40 bucket list ambitions also include starting a charity, taking a degree, changing career, running a marathon, skydiving, climbing a mountain and attending a music festival.

Amongst some of the more unusual entries are going skinny dipping, trekking in the jungle, having plastic surgery, watching the sunset in Ibiza, getting a tattoo, owning a sit-on lawnmower, having a hair transplant and releasing a record.