CRIME writer Ian Rankin is to appear in BBC spoof police show Scot Squad, it has been revealed.

The King of Tartan Noir will make a cameo playing himself in a new series of the BBC Scotland comedy, which starts on January 4.

Rankin comes face to face with Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson, played by Scots comedy actor Jack Docherty, in the second episode.

Miekelson wants to pick up tips, but the intended meeting of minds becomes a disastrous clash of personalities.

Spoof fly-on-the-wall show Scot Squad sends up “Scotland’s first united police force” as it follows a “new brand of Bravehearts, there to protect and serve”.

The part-improvised show is produced by The Comedy Unit, responsible for other popular programmes such as Rab C Nesbitt, Limmy’s Show, Burnistoun and Gary: Tank Commander.

It parodies “blue light” reality shows like Traffic Cops, shot with a hand-held camera in rural and urban locations across Scotland.

Rankin is among several Scottish personalities set to appear in the new series, including actor Bill Patterson, musician Phil Cunningham and broadcaster Shereen Nanjiani.

Rab Christie, executive producer for The Comedy Unit, said: “It was a delight to welcome a galaxy of stars among the mugshots as the great and the good graced Scot Squad with a cameo.

“Our talented cast of character actors, stand-ups and the odd wrestler now includes a few national treasures.”