IT is a satirical painting depicting Donald Trump as King Kong which gained attention around the world after being shared online by singer Madonna.

But the image is not the only one that Scottish artist Michael Forbes has created in protest at the now US president.

Back in 2007 the painter, who is from the Black Isle, painted a giant mural on the barn of an Aberdeenshire farmer (also called Michael Forbes, although no relation) to support him after Trump branded his home a “pigsty” when he refused to sell land to him.

Today he reveals another image of Trump painted ahead of his presidency – this time depicting him as naked, surrounded by a wall and with a ‘false’ paper crown on his head.

Forbes, 48, who has celebrity fans of his surrealist pop-art style work including Monty Python member Terry Gilliam and comedian Ricky Gervais, said the mood now was in stark contrast to when Barack Obama became president.

He said: “Artists became very inspired by the whole positivity of Obama. I did a painting for an exhibition in New York of Obama, which was very positive and upbeat and all about hope.

“There is a contrast from that to this – with feeling a great deal of apprehension about what lies before us.”

Forbes is a self-taught artist, who started at the age of 15 with an “overwhelming desire” to paint. But he said he gained his artistic education while working an assistant in the 1990s to Gerald Laing, one of Britain’s best known pop-artists, who died in 2011.

In 2007, Forbes became involved with protests against Trump building a golf course at Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire. He painted the giant barn mural showing the defiant local farmer, Forbes, who became famous as an opponent of Trump after refusing to sell him his home sitting in the middle of the golf estate.

The artist Forbes said: “Donald Trump’s dream was to build a golf course, but Michael Forbes’ dream was to live on his farm. Why should Trump’s dream be any more than Michael Forbes’ dream?

“I though the only thing I can do is paint – so I asked if I could paint the barn.”

Forbes also went along to protest Trump’s visit to Scotland last year during the US presidential election campaign, taking along a ‘devil’ Trump head which he had created.

He said he was staggered Trump is now president and he feared his actions on environmental policies would be “dangerous”.

He said, “Trump is a money man, that is all he thinks about. He says industry will have full rein to go flat out.

“In the short term running industry at full speed might make money, but eventually the cost of making that money will be much, much higher when the damage to the environment comes back to bite everyone.”

The image of the King Kong painting of Trump, shared by Madonna – who said in an interview the US was f****d after his election – has received around 66,000 likes on Facebook and 46,000 on Instagram.

Forbes said he hoped it might bring an opportunity to show the painting in an exhibition.

In the meantime, his views on Trump are summed up in the painting called Donald’s Wall, where the US president is depicted naked wearing a crown in the style of a Christmas cracker paper hat.

“The idea behind that is it is almost like a false crown,” Forbes said. “It is an attempt at self-importance that he would want to wear the crown. Even if it was just a Christmas cracker hat he would put it on.”