DESERT Island Discs presenter Kirsty Young has revealed that Sir David Attenborough has been her favourite guest on the BBC Radio 4 show so far.

The veteran wildlife television presenter appeared as a castaway on the show for the fourth time in 2012.

As the show marks its 75th year, Young, who has hosted the show since 2006, said she fell “a little bit in love” with Sir David during his appearance on the show.

She told Radio Times magazine: “David Attenborough, I mean, if I only ever did one, it would be that one. Honestly, he was a total, pure highlight.

“Absolutely bloody marvellous.”

Young, 48, added that she would often go to extra lengths to try to relax interviewees, including sharing a bottle of vodka with ex-Smiths frontman Morrissey.

She said: “I try and make my castaway at ease. Once people relax, they’re more likely to open up.

“Bill Gates always wears an open-neck shirt so I wore an open-neck silk ladies’ shirt. For Paul Weller I wore a sharp suit.

“And we had it on good authority that Morrissey drinks neat vodka, so we made sure we had a bottle.

“When my producer said: ‘Would you like some tea or coffee... or vodka?’ “Morrissey said: ‘Vodka.’ I had one as well. I wasn’t going to have a cup of tea when Morrissey was having a vodka.

“I didn’t drink it. He did.”