A Glasgow-based film company has unveiled a new custom-built studio in the city.

IMetaFilm opened its new studio at Charing Cross on Thursday with the help of actor Quinton Aaron.

The firm uses "unique" digitalisation and restoration technology to convert motion picture film reels to accessible and searchable digital files

Aaron, who co-starred in Oscar-winning feature film The Blind Side alongside Sandra Bullock in 2009, made a special guest appearance at the facility ahead of the international premiere of his new film Halfway at the Glasgow Film Festival on Thursday evening.

Halfway producer Jonny Paterson also attended and joined a Q&A session about their experiences in the industry and the future of film.

IMetaFilm, run by husband-and-wife team Michael and Linda Howell, recently restored films from pre-revolution Cuba and developed a patented method of storing metadata in films, allowing them to be easily archived and preserved for future generations.

Mr Howell said: "We're grateful to Quinton and Jonny for coming along and talking about their experience of the film industry.

"It provided us with a great opportunity to properly introduce our studio and demonstrate our unique technology.

"Everyone can relate to film in one way or another. It's a fantastic cultural medium, which is why the work we do in preserving it is so important.

"Our technology has the potential to generate a new branch of the creative industries based here in Scotland but serving markets all over the world."

Aaron said: "It's an honour to be asked to help iMetaFilm launch their Glasgow studio.

"This is my first time in the city but I know the company has been making a name for itself in the film industry recently.

"It's been fascinating learning about the work that iMetaFilm does. In my career in the film industry, I haven't come across anything similar."