Devolving powers over rail infrastructure to the Scottish Government would save £100 million per year and improve efficiency of services, MPs have heard.

SNP Westminster transport spokesman Drew Hendry said it was "ridiculous" that the Scottish Government could not hold Network Rail to account, despite funding its services north of the border.

MPs voted unanimously in favour of his Network Rail (Scotland) Bill, which would change the law to devolve the management and accountability of Network Rail infrastructure in Scotland.

Outlining his Bill in the Commons, Mr Hendry said: "Devolving control over Network Rail to the Scottish Parliament would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of railway operations in Scotland, saving around £100 million per year.

"And that's just the start, before the hundreds of millions of pounds in cost overruns are calculated."

Some 54% of delayed minutes on Scottish railways are directly attributed to Network Rail, he claimed, calling for management and accountability of the service to be devolved alongside other transport powers.

Mr Hendry told MPs: "Scotland is at a junction.

"We can continue with a tired old Southern Rail approach and the rickety old carriage with the glum passengers without even a seat on the train and being ignored by those making the decisions.

"Or we could choose to get off the one-way track into the buffers.

"With the powers to make choices in Scotland starting now with those over Network Rail, we could plan a journey to a better, more open and more connected Scotland."

He was allowed to bring in his Bill and asked for it to be given a second reading on March 24.

However it is unlikely to become law without Government support.