PLANS to build a seven storey student accommodation in front of Glasgow's Mackintosh building have been rejected by a council Committee.

The proposals by developer GRS Distribution Limited, and architects firm HAUS Collective, would have seen a five to seven storey building erected on the site of the current Jumping Jacks nightclub on Sauchiehall street.

During a heated and lengthy debate at the city chambers, developers and objectors debated the plans before 12 out of 19 councillors voted to refuse the application.

Jane Sutherland, chairwoman of the Garnethill, made a passionate plea to committee members to "reject this impertinent intrusion".

She told the committee that the development resembled a "rabbit hutch" and doubted the 185 students accommodated within would make any significant contribution to garnethill.

She raised concerns about the impact on the environment for residents, citing the student flats would block light and emphasised the need to protect the Mackintosh building.

She told the panel: "This is like sticking an ice cream cart in front of the Mona Lisa.

"The community is not against students [or] development.

"We know that Garnethill is a gem in the heart of the city and the Mac is our brightest diamond."

Liz Davidson,senior planner at the Art School, gave the school's objections to the plans, and said it was vital to "keep the critical elements of light in the school".

Ms Davidson stressed the Art School was not opposed to development on the site, but said the student flats would block light to the studios, impacting the environment and experience for those studying at the school.

She also argued that the development would obscure the views of the A-listed Mackintosh building from Sauchiehall Street and beyond.

SNP councillor Angus Millar, who represents Garnethill, presented his objections to the plans and said: "The proposed development would have an unacceptable impact on local residents and would be deeply detrimental to the heritage of the area, particularly of the world-renowned Mackintosh building."

His colleague, Labour councillor Phil Braat, accused the planners of a "c**k up" in their report, which stated incorrectly that Garnethill Community council was inactive.He said he was concerned about the level of community engagement that had taken place given planners were unaware of the community council's activity, and that he wasn't convinced student accommodation was needed in that location.

However planners told the committee that they had invited the community council to two meetings and they had attended one.

Other committee members also raised concerns about the number of student accommodation plans already in place for the city, and questioned whether the development could be reduced in height.

Owners of the block on Sauchiehall street, where the development would be, gave a statement saying they had were Committed to "long-term investment" in Glasgow.

Developers also said 64 jobs would be created following construction, for example "on-site ancillary jobs" but added if the development was reduced in height it may mean it wouldn't be "commercially viable".

The architect behind the plans said the proposals would "enhance a negative view" of one side of the Mackintosh building, and said he felt it was a good design.