A new art exhibition is to open in Glasgow - a 'cancelled' show with no exhibits.

An unusual show by the Dutch artist Marlie Mul, entitled This Exhibition Has Been Cancelled, is being staged at the Glasgow of Modern Art (GoMA) in the city centre.

As indicated by its title, there is no exhibition, and the gallery is empty apart from signs made by the artist declaring it to be cancelled.

Glasgow Museums said in a statement: "Mul’s conceptual gesture in this project is to act as an implicit critique of what is displayed within museums and galleries and the process that leads to it being placed there.

"By removing traditional content and opening the space for public use, Mul is augmenting the institution to question the relevance of an art exhibition in 2017."

A spokeswoman said that "GoMA hopes the local community will seize this opportunity and propose alternative uses for the space."

The show will mean that Gallery 1 in GoMa will be empty until October 29.

The artist has created billboards to announce the 'cancellation' of the show - these 21 art works will be placed around the gallery.

Forms will be left in the room, so that people who want to stage events in the gallery can propose their ideas.

Will Cooper, curator of contemporary art, said: "By removing what would traditionally be considered an Art Object we are instead presenting the gallery as an empty space, giving us a moment to question the value in turning over exhibition after exhibition after exhibition.

"Perhaps GoMA and, by extension, other museums and galleries would be better placed as a space for another kind of activity?

"The public have been invited to respond and suggest ways that we might use the space.

"We’re excited by the different types of activities that might be on offer during this cancelled show."

He added: "So far it’s looking like we’ll have some life drawing classes, yoga sessions, artist film screenings and I even think my daughter’s got Bounce and Rhyme scheduled in.

"We might even get a carpet bowls session on the go. This is as amazing opportunity for GoMA to explore other ways that we could use our space."

Marlie Mul is a Dutch artist who lives in Berlin, and has staged exhibitions in Europe and the US.