GLASGOW Muslims say they are living in fear and have been victims of hate crime since the Manchester terror attack.

One Muslim man from Cardonald, aged 32, said he was called a "p*** b*****d" and told to "stop blowing people up" as he walked to a newsagent shop in Govan.

The shop worker, who did not want to be named for fear of further abuse, said: "This is just all too common, sadly. As a Muslim, you just learn to prepare for it now when these attacks happen.

"It's nothing to do with Islam, these are crazy people doing disgusting things and claiming it is because of religion but it's not. They are murderers and we have nothing to do with that."

A young Muslim student who is part of a city university's Muslim society, said: "On the internet there's quite a fair share of comments flying about but we've learned to expect that after any incident.

"Other than that we've just warned people to remain cautious and on alert in case anything does happen.

"It's not fair but it's an unfortunate reality we live.

"If we don't take precautions or stay on alert then we fall into serious harm, be it through physical abuse, verbal abuse or mental abuse."

Another Glasgow man, aged 29, who is also Muslim, said he fears he will be "made an example of" if he attends gigs in the city.

He said: "I feel the media’s reporting in the aftermath of terrorist attacks doesn’t help; the constant fear-mongering and marginalising reports of Muslim - anyone with brown skin, really - has taken its toll on me.

"Going through airport security and passport control has resulted in me being searched every time, without a doubt, in recent months.

"As if things aren’t already precarious, going to a concert - something that should be exciting - now makes me anxious.

"I’ve a concert at the Hydro in the summer and I’m already worried about ‘being made an example of’ before entering the venue."

The Muslim Council of Scotland have advised members of the community to contact police if they experience any abuse.

A spokeswoman said: "Our advice to members of the community is to remain calm, go about your everyday business but take extra precautions if travelling alone or after dark.

"If anyone is feeling threatened or has been the victim of an attack, please contact the Police as soon as possible.

"We also need to remain vigilant but not alarmed as the national threat level has increased. "