The SNP's culture spokesman at Westminster is set to become a casualty of the General Election according to an analysis of a new poll.

Ex-BBC star John Nicolson took the seat from former Liberal Democrat minister Jo Swinson in 2015.

An exclusive BMG survey of Scottish voting intentions for The Herald shows that the SNP is still by far the most popular party, with 42 per cent of respondents intending to back them on Thursday, down 1 point on a similar poll a fortnight ago.

The SNP are 15 points head of the Scottish Conservatives on 27 per cent, down 3.

But there was good news for Labour who rose 3 points to 21 per cent and the Liberal Democrats who rose 3 points to 8 per cent, with the Scottish Greens and others no change on 2 per cent and 1 per cent, after 'don't knows' have been excluded.

If replicated on Thursday the result would see Ruth Davidson's party soar from one seat to six, while the Lib Dems would double their haul to two, taking Mr Nicolson's seat of East Dunbartonshire.

Ms Swinson is standing again and her party has high hopes that she can wrestle the seat back this time around.

According to the Electoral Calculus seat projector, all of the Tory and Lib Dem gains would be at the expense of the SNP.

Overall Nicola Sturgeon's party would lose six seats at Westminster.

Other key names that would lose out include the party's deputy leader Angus Robertson, who is defending a 9,065 majority in Moray.

Mr Robertson, said: “This is the third poll in as many days that shows the gap widening between the SNP and the Tories – and with Tory support falling across the UK, people in Scotland have a significant opportunity in Thursday’s election to deprive Theresa May of a majority by voting SNP."

Scottish Conservative Edinburgh South West candidate Miles Briggs said that the results of the poll "reaffirm that there is only one clear challenger to the SNP in Scotland.

"The facts are clear, there is only one party to back if you oppose a second independence referendum.”

Scottish Labour's General Election campaign manager James Kelly said the polls showed that "increasing numbers of Scots know the only way to defeat the SNP in the majority of seats in Scotland is to vote Labour tomorrow.

"A vote for Labour is a vote to reject a divisive second independence referendum and send Nicola Sturgeon a message to get on with the day job of fixing the crisis in our schools and hospitals."

The rise in support for Labour comes as UK-wide polls suggests that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is closing the gap with Theresa May ahead of the vote.

BMG polled 1,016 Scots between May 27 and 31.